A Rotterdam Backstory

Cheesey Cheese

How we chanced upon this mall is by accident or should I say luck? We were kind of lost getting our way back to the Rotterdam Central Station from Spido Boat Tours. We just ferried our way back from Kinderdijk and while tracing our steps back to the Central train station, we kind of detoured and came across this tube-like mall. It was huge and I must say it was extremely aesthetically technical looking. The mall was filled with loads of hipster pushcarts and there were tons of branded merchandises that were seemingly Marc & Spencer-ish looking. I will definitely share more in time to come because there were tons of photos taken around the area.

Anyway, just finished my routined workout – the spartan arms and will also touch on what I’ve learnt so far, at least for the past 29 days of working out and eating clean. As the name of this blog goes, its a “mad hatter’s” world here in my head and things I cover in this blog may or may not make sense but it’s how things flow and how I keep my sanity.

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