Picking yourself up again isn’t always easy..and I’m clearly picking myself up-for the first time. After 3 years of tolerance, just like a kettle whistling, trying to let off some steam, I let off mine. Went for a massage and came back with muscle soreness and a fever! 


Tried to clear my mind off things, but I’m still filled with worries over the exams. Nonetheless, I’ve my girl with me and she’s giving me all the solace I need. Going to take some time off the “cluster” in my head and end this rant with nothing but sighs and “yoga flame” (breathe heavily out). 


Can’t wait to graduate and start on something new.



A speed sketch to demonstrate the current state I’m in. Used the Brushes app for this. Sometimes, through the process of brewing, you’ll get this coffee stains on the cup (this is before you wash of course) and it sort of creates weird but interesting patterns, that you may find pleasing & tranquilizing to observe. Nonetheless, it gives you that perkiness & dire thirst to quench with honey water amidst your memorizations.

A slice of cake


Today is still mugging day for me. Staying at home on the weekends is not fun at all. But it’s Mothers’ Day so yup, I guess it’s easy for me to blissfully fill my mum’s day with my irritating presence. Gonna focus on this paper, after which at 6 is gonna be another paper. Anyway, this photo made my day. Thank you gf. Just shows how much ease and comfort her cat’s leading it’s life. Popping up at random places & taking naps everywhere. I’m missing CoffeeBean already..

..with her by my side of course~

cups & mugs

been drinking tea since noon & mugging towards exam dates. i feel that knowledge is taken through a bottleneck whereby nothing stays fixed. there’s just more to add, more in perspective for that very same topic that you’ve mastered. eventually, you’ll get confused, & you start to doubt it’s authenticity. but that’s where the saying fits, learning is a never ending cycle. whoever says learning is easy.. then again i’ve never let school interfere with my education. been experimenting ever since..


and till now..still lovin it..