February Urban Exploration

with Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) for the weekend.

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and have been on hiatus for close to a year. Well things have been pretty busy with side projects and stuffs but I shall do my best to update from now on. I will be doing a monthly urban exploration series, featuring of some casual fashion coverage just in case you’re interested in some of the outfits. If you’re interested in showcasing some of your unique and fashionable attire, do drop me an email and I’ll be glad to have a photo shoot session with you.


Yesterday’s Friday’s urban exploration initially started out as a photo shoot “reconnaissance” or recce as some may call it, which slowly evolved to be a photo shoot itself alongside with some outfit of the day out-takes. We decided to check out the Golden Mile Complex rooftop and also Golden Mile Tower. Now don’t be confused with these two buildings as they are of separate places, however just next to each other. We started out at the Golden Mile Complex, heading towards the office lifts, then all the way to the 9th floor. We were amazed at the complementary colors used; blue and yellow and how the ceiling has got some weird inception motives going on; upside down stairs. IMG_7368-Edit-Edit-2-Edit-3-Edit

The right side of the building is where the residents of Golden Mile Complex live and unfortunately, this place is banned. If you want to get good captures of this place, you have to move swiftly. My estimation is that you’d have a solid 2 minutes before the security guard approaches (pssst, he’ll be coming from the other end) and chase you away. He was quite polite when he escorted us out to the lift. And yes, he did wait till we got on the lift and really made sure we don’t come back.

So, we made a trip to the other side. The dark side. And I mean literally the dark side. Mostly due to the dark clouds and how covered the rooftop car-park was at Golden Mile Tower. To get here, you need to take the office lifts all the way to the 5th floor. The car-park is simply there once you walk out of the lift. For further explorations, you may want to take the lift nearest to the bar up to the 22nd floor for a good city view. Here are some of the shots:

If you walk towards the bar or cafe, you will have a city view alongside the Concourse building.

More shots around the car-park aka rooftop:

Some shots taken from the 22nd floor (Office Tower).

You might want to bring a telephoto lens when you’re up here for some good detailed close-ups. For these shots, I used the Canon 100mm F2.8 L lens.


After the whole rooftop adventure, we decided to walk down to Rochor Centre for another session of “rooftop” exploration. It took us about 20-30 minutes of leisurely walk to Rochor Centre. Upon reaching our destination, it was by great chance that we stumbled upon a group of Polytechnic students, who’ve shot their color-themed project whereby they had thrown lots of colored paints all over the floor. Whatever their project was, I’m pretty sure they did a great job as the colors were vibrant and they had used some cool HD camera to record the whole process. My guess is that they made a project to commemorate a colorful tribute to the Rochor Centre landmark itself, since it’s due for some tear down. So here are some of my shots of the Rochor Centre “rooftop”:

Rochor Centre is vibrant and colorful however it’s such a loss that it’s nearing it’s abolition. Do drop by and have a few captures of the scenic and old school place before it’s all gone. IMG_7602

Now for today’s yesterday’s urban exploration, I went to explore the People’s Park Complex in Chinatown. To get there, you can alight at Chinatown MRT station and head out towards Exit C. From the 7-Eleven store, just enter the complex itself and take the cargo lift. The residential lifts or normal lifts are only permitted to residents. Furthermore, you need a card to ride them. SO just proceed straight to the cargo lifts and head to the 5th storey. From the 5th floor, simply walk towards the car-park.

The space is quite open and options for a good backdrop is diverse so move around and pick the perfect spot in accordance to your focal length. Here are some of my shots with model, Max.

The cityscape offers clean great shots for those who are looking out to shoot a great professional portfolio. Some views from the top:

It can be crowded in the complex during the weekends, however once you’ve reached the top, it’s spaciously desolated. It can get quite windy and you definitely need an umbrella for bad weather due to the absence of proper shelter. For those with camera gears, trust me on this one – umbrella. I’ll end my post here with other random shots and hope to see you on my next adventure!



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